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Special Pandemic Arrangements

I have put in place some special arrangements for a business wishing to take up our services over the coming months. While this is a difficult time for businesses it is an opportunity for owners to upgrade booking systems, websites, marketing and promotions strategies. These arrangements include:

  • Sign up and benefit from the service immediately.
  • Monthly fees for support and website design services will not be charged until July 2020, at the earliest.
  • I have agreed with my booking system partners to implement an extended free ‘trial’ period, not charging over coming months for new customers.
  • An 18-month minimum term will apply, starting in July 2020.

I hope this arrangement will enable you to make the necessary switch and to set up services which can help your business with the recovery from the pandemic closed down. If you are interested please use the form below to get an idea of costs and fill in your details if you would like more information.