Booking Management Service

Do you run a small hotel or guest accommodation business? Managing bookings, amendments, cancellations, analysing the market, setting promotions and optimising rates are just some of the challenges you will face on a daily basis.

The service I offer is essentially the closest thing to having your own reservations and marketing manager. As a hotelier, I bring a wealth of market knowledge, access to great technology and creative thinking to support your business achieve your goals.

What we do!

Reservation Admin

We will act as your reservation manager taking on all day to day tasks including answering inquiries, sending confirmations, taking payment, processing booking amendments and cancellations.

Property Management (PMS)

We provide you with access to a modern cloud-based property management system designed for small accommodation businesses. You can see your property calendar, see all your bookings, add extra services and take onsite payments.

Payment Services

Our service includes a payment solution we provide you with the ability to process onsite payments.

Revenue Management

We continually analyse market data and trends. Looking at competitors we can either manage your rates with our fully managed model or suggest pricing to you with our partially managed model. Ensuring you are maximising your business revenue.

Sales and Promotions

We manage your sales channels including your own website. We use a number of sales partners to ensure your business is widely available. Running promotions and campaigns to generate bookings during slower.

Communication Platform

We will provide you with email accounts and instant messaging tools so you can still stay connected with your guest, respond to special requests and provide excellent customer service.

How much does the service cost?

Essentially we aim to make our service cost-neutral. We add a service fee to each booking which is paid by the booking customer. We take on the cost of commissions, card processing fees for booking payments. We will set up and run your business web pages promoting your business. You will be provided with access to our Property Management System, email and messaging service all at no cost to your business.

Can I set my own rates?

Two different models are available. The fully manage model means we will use our access to market intelligence and will set your daily rate within the agreed parameters and to meet the financial targets of your business.

With the self-managed model, you are in control to set the daily rates you want to receive for each booking. We will support you, review rates and offer advice to help you choose the optimum rate.

Guest Communications

We will take care of routine day to day communications for guest reservations such as booking inquiries, confirmations, answering FAQs, amendments, cancellations and prepayments. We will set up detailed arrival instructions and pre-arrival emails introducing you ‘the host’. You can concentrate on delivering a great service to guests and you can always get in touch with guests directly if you need to.

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